Secure the Airport Journeys of international Wedding Guests with FikrNat

Secure the Airport Journeys of international Wedding Guests with FikrNat

Weddings often cross geographical boundaries for those attending. Many Pakistani weddings host guests from around the world, being large affairs with international guests coming in to join in on the festivities of celebrating the coming together of two people. But with the rising crime rates in Pakistan, people often need more time to travel to Pakistan in the first place. International flights often land late at night, and the trip from the airport to the guests’ destination is always filled with security risks. It is not uncommon to hear about someone who just flew in getting robbed on the way to the hotel or even kidnapped. In this blog, let’s discuss the presence of such crimes and what one can do to help their wedding guests avoid them. 

To safeguard your wedding guests from becoming the latest victims of crimes such as phone snatching, being held at gunpoint for other valuables, or, in worst cases, getting shot at or kidnapped, it’s first vital to understand the nature of these crimes. Usually, these guests are targeted on the way to the airport or back. It’s become common to hear about someone who flew in to be reported missing just hours after their arrival. What’s happening is that vandals are preying on the vulnerability of these guests, who are not accustomed to such crimes and, therefore, lack the right defences or responses against them. These vandals will rob these incoming travellers of their valuables or take them in for ransom. Because of the onset of such heinous crimes, it is important to safeguard the arrival and departure of your wedding guests, not just for their safety but also to ensure that everything at your wedding goes smoothly.

How you can secure the airport journeys of your guests

Firstly, make your guests aware of the security risks at hand. A well-informed individual stands a better chance of overcoming becoming the victim of any such crime. It would help if you informed them that they are to keep vigilant at all times, from the moment they land. Instruct them not to go overboard when talking to a stranger at the airport who is trying to make small talk. Often, criminals leave their accomplices inside the airport to gather information to aid them in their criminal endeavours.

Furthermore, you can provide them with a pick-up or drop-opp at the airport, rather than having them take a taxi or an Uber. As they’re unfamiliar with the routes, and should someone try to kidnap them, they wouldn’t be able to tell in time if they’re being taken somewhere other than their destination. One can even go so far as to provide them with security guards for their escort into or from the airport. This brings us to our next tip, which is FikrNat. 

FikrNat’s comprehensive security services for international wedding guests 

FikrNat is the first revolutionary security app of its kind in Pakistan. And how does it provide security? With on-demand, round-the-clock, highly trained security guards, that’s how. FikrNat’s services range from security guards for even protection to general and airport-specific route protection. All you have to do is download the app, sign up, and book your guards beforehand. Probyn Security, an industry leader in security solutions and training, trains these guards. So you can rest easy knowing your safety will be in good hands.

FikrNat’s Role in Ensuring Travel Safety for Wedding Guests

Traveling internationally for a special occasion like a wedding should be a joyous experience—neither hosts or guests should worry about their safety. But the harsh reality is that guests and hosts must be cautious in Pakistan. Fortunately, FikrNat’s Airport Protection services were designed for such instances only. FikrNat’s guards can help secure your guests both ways from arrival to departure. By booking our security guards, you can offer your guests a safe journey from the airport to their destination. Our guards will escort your guests safely to their required location. So your guests can enjoy the wedding festivities without any worries. And once the celebrations end and it’s time to bid farewell, our guards will escort your guests back to the airport in due time for their flight.

The FikrNat advantage 

Our security guards can make your guests feel comfortable and at ease, knowing their safety is in the right hands. FikrNat guards are trained professionals with extensive knowledge of travel safety protocols and have several security tactics up their sleeves in case of any emergency on the way. Give your wedding guests the best security it offers; give them protection with FikrNat guards.

The FikrNat Experience: From Touchdown to Celebration

As international guests arrive for weddings, we aim to help them achieve a wedding experience full of memories and celebrations without worrying about their safety. FikrNat is committed to providing a stay that reflects the warmth and hospitality of the Pakistani people.

To sum it up, securing the airport journey of guests from abroad is vital to ensure a safe travel experience for these guests. And with FikrNat by your side, you can give your international wedding guests just that thanks to our dedicated and vigilant security guards.


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