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FikrNat is a first-of-its-kind security app in Pakistan. With trained security guards available on-demand.
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What is FikrNat?

Pakistan’s first on-demand security guard booking app. Get trained and reliable security guards, anytime, anywhere you want.

Security for all fronts

event Security

Event Security

Our trained event security guards ensure a safe and secure environment for your gathering, allowing you to focus on creating memorable experiences for your guests. Our security guard services ensure that every detail is taken care of, leaving you to enjoy your special occasion.

Route Protection

Airport Route Protection

Traveling to and from the airport has never been more secure. Our dedicated security guards accompany you on your journey, providing peace of mind. Whether you're arriving or departing, our airport route security guard service ensures a smooth and secure journey.

Office Security

Office Security

Safeguard your business with FikrNat's comprehensive office security services. Our experienced security guards are trained to protect your office premises, assets and personnel. By choosing FikrNat you're ensuring a secure work environment.

Home security

Home Security

FikrNat extends its protective umbrella with home security guard services. Our vigilant security guards provide a sense of safety for you and your family, whether it's during the day or throughout the night. With private security guards, you can rest assured that your home remains secured.

Airport Route Protection

Route protection

Navigate your journeys securely with our security guards, deterring potential threats and ensuring a safe passage. Whether it's your daily commute or a leisurely trip, FikrNat's roundtrip security guards are dedicated to enhancing your safety at every turn.

Shops Security

Shops Security

Ensure the safety of your retail business with FikrNat's security guards for retail stores. Our guards offer a watchful presence that deters theft and ensures a secure shopping environment for your customers.


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The FikrNat Experience: Why our guards stand out

The Training

At FikrNat, we take security seriously, and our partnership with the industry leader, Probyn Security Advisors, ensures that our guards receive top-notch training. Each security guard undergoes a rigorous training program that equips them with the skills and knowledge needed to handle a wide range of situations. From conflict resolution to emergency response, our guards are well-prepared to face any challenge that may arise.

Security guard services
Fikrnat Security guard services

The Experience

Our security guards bring a wealth of experience to the table with a strong background in the military. This background instills in them a work ethic, discipline and commitment that sets them apart. Their extensive experience enables them to adapt to various scenarios seamlessly, making them an ideal choice to provide the best security service possible. When you hire a security guard through FikrNat's on-demand security guard app, you're entrusting your safety to professionals with a proven track record.

The Professionalism

Professionally trained and psychologically assessed, our security guards exemplify the highest standard of professionalism. When you use FikrNat app for security guard booking in Pakistan, you're not just getting a guard; you're getting a dedicated and reliable professional. Our guards are not only adept at handling security concerns but also at interacting respectfully and courteously with clients. Their responsiveness and efficiency ensure that you can rely on them to address any security issue promptly and effectively.

Fikrnat Security guard services

How FikrNat works

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How Fikrnat works

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How Fikrnat works

All about FikrNat

Your new safety companion! With FikrNat you can now hire reliable security guards for your protection with just a few taps on your phone.

We offer on-demand security guards for airport, route and venue protection.

Yes, to make sure our guards are all ready to keep you safe, we have a pre-booking time of minimum 1 hour for any mission you book with us.

It’s simple. Download the app now from the App Store or Playstore. Sign up with us and add your mission and payment details. And voila! Just sit back and wait for them to arrive.

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