Rock on with peace of mind with FikrNat’s concert security 

Rock on with peace of mind with FikrNat’s concert security 

Entertainment events such as music festivals and concerts are exhilarating experiences for those attending and offer a carefree refuge from the daily monotony and stresses of life. While concerts are often remembered for their good atmosphere and fun times, that doesn’t mean more often than not there aren’t several security risks surrounding such events. Especially as concerts attract large crowds, they are the ideal targets for vandalism and theft. It is often that large crowds get out of control and rowdy, causing unintentional harm. This is why it’s important to hire concert security to ensure that the concert passes safely and orderly without any hiccups and leaves behind nothing but good memories for all attendees. 

Potential risks and the need for concert security 

There are many risks surrounding a large event like a concert, firstly there are internal risks as there is a large number of highly excited people attending, and there is no way to predict how these people may react to the music and the passion in the atmosphere at a concert. To address and prevent any unplanned or unforeseeable dangerous activity from occurring it is vital to have security guards at the concert venue. Security guards are well-equipped and trained to handle any issues that may occur. Let’s discuss the possible issues that could occur.

Minor risks

Concerts can even lead the most docile people into acting unpredictably, such as starting petty verbal and sometimes even physical fights. Vandalism and pickpocketing are also possible incidents that may occur. Having security guards onsite serves as a physical reminder to such people that there would be consequences to their actions should they consider indulging in violent or inappropriate behaviour.

Unintentional violence 

Accidental pushing and bumping are common and often unavoidable in large crowds and cramped places like concerts. However, this can be troublesome and dangerous even if unintentional as it can cause serious injuries. It’s also quite regular for people in the crowd to faint due to dehydration or exhaustion. Security guards are efficient in such situations and can quickly pull any injured or fainted individuals out of the large crowd and help them get the medical attention they need. 


In dense crowds like the ones concerts attract, it is almost impossible to maintain personal space, this makes you vulnerable to theft at the hands of thieves who have come to attend the concert with a mission to solely rob you of your valuables. However, security guards can keep a close eye and monitor crowds effectively to ensure that no such activity occurs or goes unnoticed.

Potentially harmful fans

Fans love interacting with their favourite artists, but sometimes their enthusiasm can get the best of them. It is not uncommon to hear of fans taking their love for their favourite artists to a whole new level, sometimes even to the point that they end up hurting or injuring them, thinking they’re just being friendly. Security guards can make sure to not let this happen by carefully managing the crowd and preventing fans from getting too close to the performers. Moreover, professional concert security guards are necessary to keep the performing artists safe, especially when they first get onto stage, enter the venue, or when they are leaving, which is usually when fans run towards them to welcome them or see them off.

Injuries from crowd surges 

Crowd surges are a significant threat to concerts, crowds may suddenly start moving in one direction and people can get caught in the middle. Those in the centre of the crowd are at serious risk of asphyxiation or extreme injury from either falling to the ground or being pushed into someone. Crowd surges are common, yet can be easily prevented with proper crowd management which concert security guards can be sure to provide.

Terrorist threat 

Concerts and other large public events are the perfect targets for terrorism, hence there is no room for a lack of proper event security. Professional concert security guards can constantly stay on alert and monitor people entering and leaving the concert venue and can even pick up on any suspicious behaviour, thereby preventing possible tragedy from occurring.

How FikrNat’s professional security guards can help

FikrNat’s highly trained event security guards can aid in safeguarding a concert venue in more than one way. Our guards are psychologically assessed and equipped with the highest security knowledge to keep you safe from all threats. We offer tailored solutions for events such as concerts and provide you with the right security for your needs. A few of the ways FikrNat guards can ensure safety at a concert is by doing the following:

  1. Conducting ID and necessary security checks at entry points  
  2. Managing the crowd, preventing crowd surges and violent incidents from occurring
  3. Quickly responding to any possible threats
  4. Protecting the performers from intentional or unintentionally violent fans 

Concerts are exciting and memorable events, but for this to be possible stringent security measures need to be in place. Or else things might get messy very quickly and even result in fatalities. Therefore, professional security guards are a necessity for concert security and luckily FikrNat offers just that with a few taps on your smartphone. Download the FikrNat app now to discover our efficient event security services and ensure the protection of the next concert or event you plan. With FikrNat you can rock on with peace of mind like never before.


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