Everything you need to know about the current halaat

Everything you need to know about the current halaat

The security situation in Pakistan is becoming increasingly concerning. Rising incidents of street crimes and security threats have made it essential for people to stay informed with the current halaat and take necessary precautions to ensure safety of themselves and their loved ones at all times.

Karachi’s security problem

Karachi being the largest city in Pakistan, is notorious for many things but particularly for its high rate of street crime and deteriorating security conditions. Every day, reports of muggings and robberies flood the news. According to “The News”, in the first 5 months of 2023, street criminals in Karachi have “taken the lives of 61 residents, and wounded more than 250 others for resisting attempts to rob them”. There is no doubt that safety and security are essential human needs that every individual should have access to but street crime has become all too common for the residents of Karachi.

These security issues are profoundly affecting the daily lives of the citizens. Incidents of armed robberies resulting in the theft of valuable items like jewelry and cash have become all too common. Moreover, security concerns have disrupted events, and the safety of lives is consistently at risk. Living in constant fear is not a sustainable way of life. For the residents of Karachi, the fear of crime and security issues has tragically become a part of their daily reality, an unbearable situation that nobody should have to endure.

Bringing security at your fingertips

FikrNat, an on-demand security guard service, understands the challenges faced by the residents of Karachi and offers a comprehensive range of security services to cater to the specific security needs of its customers. For us, your security and peace of mind are of utmost importance. 

Gate crashing at events? Not anymore.

More often than not, security becomes the number one source of stress and concern when planning or organizing an event – but with FikrNat, you no longer have to worry. Whether it’s a private event, business gathering, or a family wedding extending over a couple of days, FikrNat provides trained and reliable on-demand site security to alleviate concerns and ensure a stress-free experience. Not just that, through the FikrNat app you can customise your package according to your security needs.Moreover, the security guards provided through FikrNat are highly trained and thoroughly vetted to provide the best experience efficiently.

Safe and secure – Even on-the-go.

When you’re going around your city, you have the right to not be in a perpetual state of worry for your and your loved one’s well-being. Whether you need a short service like one-way route protection while heading to the bank to transport valuables assets from one place to another or even if you want to take that long, relaxing trip to the beach with your family and friends, FikrNat has got you covered with the flexible booking options for route protection and roundtrip security. Our skilled professional guards will escort you to your destination, ensuring your safety throughout your journey, leaving you nothing to worry about.

Late Night Airport Calls

Picking up or dropping off your loved ones to the airport should be something that brings us joy but with the crime that has become so rampant all across Karachi, it just brings us stress. With FikrNat, you can reclaim that peace of mind and sense of security. FikrNat’s Airport Escort Services allows you to book security guards beforehand, whether you are coming in or going out of the city, ensuring a safe and secure experience. With FikrNat, travel with confidence, knowing that you are in safe hands.

In a time when Pakistan’s security situation demands heightened vigilance, FikrNat app emerges as a dependable and user-friendly solution. Offering a comprehensive range of security services, FikrNat ensures individuals can move through their daily lives with confidence and peace of mind. By prioritising safety and taking necessary precautions, individuals can protect themselves and their loved ones from potential security threats. Download the FikrNat app today and explore how their expert security services can help you stay safe in the current security environment.


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