Enjoy New Year Festivities with Private Event Security

Enjoy New Year Festivities with Private Event Security

The festive season doesn’t just end after New Year’s Eve celebrations; it continues into the first few weeks of the new year. These weeks are a time for intimate and grand parties, ranging from dinner parties, sundowner events, weddings, and much more. People love socialising this time of the year; spirits are high, the weather is at its peak, and many expats are also in town. It’s overall a wonderful time. Yet, during such festive times, there are security risks around us. That’s why it’s essential to be proactive and protect yourself and your loved ones from any harm with private event security. Let’s learn more about how you can stay protected this year with personal event security guard services. 

Understanding the need for private event security 

When planning events, hiring security is essential. When hosting an event, it’s not just about your safety; you’re responsible for all those attending, so the stakes are higher. Especially as private events are vulnerable to gate-crashers and emergencies. With the presence of private event security guards, you’re not just keeping out any potential threats but also creating a safe and secure environment for all attending and involved in the event.

The solutions to this need

We’ve identified that private event security is a need and discussed its significance. Now, let’s talk about how you can achieve this security. There are many ways to safeguard your event, but hiring security guards reigns above them all, primarily as they serve as a comprehensive solution to security issues. We also understand how hiring security guards can be a chore, not knowing who is reliable, having difficulty contacting them, not knowing which company to trust or how many to hire, etc. There can be many obstacles to achieving security for your event. Luckily for you, we have just the solution you need. FikrNat is a security guard booking app for your convenience! The app is available for you to download anytime; you must sign up and select the type of security you require. Apart from event safety, which falls under FikrNat’s venue FikrNat’sprotection services, the app also offers route and airport route protection 

services. With venue protection services, hosts can achieve the following:

 1. Trained security guards

FikrNat has a team of highly trained and reliable event security guards. These guards are equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle any and every situation that can arise at a private event, from corporate events to intimate dinner parties or sun-down events at the beach. FikrNat’s guards are there to handle security on all fronts, so you can focus on making memories instead.

 2. Security services tailored to your needs

FikrNat understands that every event is unique, meaning there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. This is why FikrNat offers personalised security services. You can consult us on how many guards we think would best cover your event. Whether you’re hosting a small or a large gathering, figuring out just how much security you may need can be confusing. We’ll advise you accordingly and create a security package tailored to your needs. 

 3. Seamless Event Protection

Nobody likes to feel a heavy security presence at an event or feel like they’re being constantly watched. FikrNat’s event security guards are trained to offer the ultimate protection without damaging an event’s relaxing and festive ambiance. So your event celebrations can go on, safeguarded from potential risks, with a practical yet discreet security presence.

The festive season brings joy, but it can also attract unwanted attention. FikrNat’s security solutions are designed to maintain a celebratory atmosphere while mitigating potential risks. Our guards blend into the event, providing a visible yet unobtrusive security presence.

 4. Event safety measures

FikrNat’s guards FikrNat are well-versed in managing access points and preventing unauthorised entries. These guards can also handle any issues between guests and are efficient in crowd control management.

So why choose FikrNat for your New Year festivities?

 1. Proactive risk prevention

Our guards don’t just offer reactive protection to incidents but also prevent any issues from arising in the first place. This proactive approach ensures that your event goes smoothly.

 2. Convenient security 

Your security guard hiring experience has never been this smooth; you can book your guards with just a few taps on your phone, which is also in advance!

 3. Comprehensive security you can rely on

These guards are trained in all aspects of event security handling, from checking guests at the door to solving any issues between the attendees; FikrNat guards are fit to keep your event secured on all fronts.

So, this year, prioritise your security with FikrNat’s private event security services. Ensure not only a safe space for yourself but one for your guests, too. At FikrNat, your and your guests’ safety is our priority.


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