Stay Safe in Pakistan: FikrNat’s Reliable Security Services for UK Travelers

For a traveller coming from the UK, FikrNat is the perfect security solution. As a first-of-its-kind security guard app,
 offering on demand trained security guards, we’ll keep you safe providing peace of mind during your visit.

Travelling to Pakistan from the UK? We’ll keep you protected.

We understand the importance of your safety when travelling to Pakistan. That’s why we’ve developed a security app to keep you protected from potential safety threats. With FikrNat, you gain instant access to highly trained security guards, available on-demand, for safety and peace of mind throughout your journey.

A new way to Hire Security Guards - FikrNat

A one-stop solution for on demand security

Planning your next trip from the UK to Pakistan? Look no further than FikrNat, the innovative security guard services app designed to provide you with reliable protection throughout your journey.

With FikrNat, booking highly trained security guards for your trip has never been easier. Our user-friendly app empowers you to effortlessly select and hire guards who will ensure your safety and peace of mind during your visit to Pakistan. No matter if you’re travelling from England, Scotland or Ireland, FikrNat is here to keep you protected every step of the way.

Security solutions to keep you covered

Whether you require airport escort services, route protection, or onsite security, FikrNat has got you covered. Our guards are well-trained to handle any situation, providing you with the highest level of security and protection. Travel with confidence knowing that FikrNat is by your side, ensuring your safety from the moment you step into Pakistan.

FikrNat’s airport escort service

Airport route

Are you arriving from London, Manchester or Birmingham? Make an advanced booking for FikrNat's airport escort service. Our top-notch security guards will ensure a stress-free journey from the moment you
arrive in Pakistan.

Route Protection

Route protection across the country

Whether you're travelling with valuables, going to the bank, or visiting high-risk areas, FikrNat's team will provide the best possible security to ensure your protection on the go.

On-Site Protection - trained security guards

Onsite protection for events and sites

From temporary security guards for onsite protection for events to long-term protection, FikrNat has you covered with our highly trained security guards and flexible
booking options.

Flexible hiring options - Secure transport protection - Rigorous selection process

Roundtrip protection for security experience

FikrNat's roundtrip protection services will ensure your safety throughout your journey. Whether you’re exploring the city or simply commuting to business meetings, we’ll keep you safe from start to finish.

The FikrNat Experience: Why our guards stand out

The training that sets us apart

At FikrNat, we understand your concerns and have taken the necessary steps to provide you with unparalleled security services. As a trusted partner of Probyn Security Advisors, industry leaders in comprehensive guard training, we ensure that each security guard on our platform is equipped to handle any situation that may arise.

The experience you can rely on

When it comes to your safety FikrNat leaves no room for compromise. We take great pride in our team of security guards, who bring with them a strong background in the military. Their exceptional work ethic, discipline, and unwavering commitment make them the best-in-class professionals who ensure your protection throughout your journey.

The professionalism you deserve

We go above and beyond to ensure that our guards not only possess the necessary skills and training but also embody the highest standards of professionalism and reliability. When you choose FikrNat, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of guards who are thoroughly vetted and committed to your security.

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Signing up with FikrNat is quick and easy. Just follow the steps below to sign up and book your security in advance.

How FikrNat works

Open the app and tap on 'Sign Up' to create your account.

Enter the required information.

Create a secure password for your account.

Agree to the terms and conditions.

Verify your phone number to complete the sign-up process.


Select your security services - airport pick and drop to roundtrip services and more.


Provide details - time, date, location.

There you have it!

You’re now ready to access top of the line security on your trip. Don’t wait any longer. Sign up with FikrNat today and experience safety like never before.

How Fikrnat works

Got questions? We’ve got answers! FAQs

 As a UK traveller, you can easily book security guards in Pakistan through FikrNat’s user-friendly app. Simply download the app, create an account, and follow the simple booking process to hire trained security guards for your specific needs.

Booking security guards in Pakistan provides UK travellers with enhanced safety and peace of mind during their visit. The advantages include professional protection against potential safety threats, a sense of security in unfamiliar surroundings, and access to trained guards who are experienced in handling various situations.

 FikrNat is primarily focused on providing security services within Pakistan. However, UK travellers heading to Pakistan can utilise FikrNat’s services to ensure their safety and protection throughout their trip.

Absolutely! FikrNat offers flexible hiring options, allowing you to book security guards for specific events or occasions during your trip to Pakistan. Whether it’s a wedding, business meeting, or any other event, FikrNat can provide trained guards to ensure your safety and the security of your surroundings.

It is recommended to book security guards through FikrNat in advance to secure their availability during your desired dates and times. However, FikrNat also offers on-demand services, all

Yes, the security guards provided by FikrNat undergo comprehensive training and are equipped to handle emergency situations effectively. They are trained to assess risks, respond promptly, and ensure the safety of individuals in their care. FikrNat prioritises the professionalism and expertise of its guards to provide top-notch security services.

Absolutely! At FikrNat, we understand that your safety is of utmost importance, even during your sightseeing adventures. Our security guards are available to accompany you on-route and provide an added layer of protection. With their professional expertise and commitment to your safety, our guards will make your sightseeing experience in Pakistan not only enjoyable but also secure.