Tips on how to avoid falling victim to wedding robberies and theft

Tips on how to avoid falling victim to wedding robberies and theft

A wedding celebrates two people coming together, an amalgamation of love and unity, and a beginning point towards something great. Nevertheless, amid all the colorful scenes and happy moments, one risk factor is always at play — wedding-related crimes. In the last few years, there has been an increasing level of wedding robberies and theft. This is unfortunate as such a happy day should not have to be so vulnerable. In this article, we’ll discuss the onset of wedding-related crimes and provide some tips for safeguarding your wedding day from such incidents so that you can have a day filled with wonderful memories instead.

The Unsettling Reality: Recent Incidents

Just last year, the joy of a wedding was interrupted at the wedding hall in Gulistan-e-Johar block 13, according to a report by Dunya News. A group of robbers entered the ceremony, stealing from the guests. We can only imagine that losing their valuables was the last thing these guests had in mind when attending this wedding. This incident emphasises that multiple criminals are just looking for the next opportunity to prey on the vulnerability of mass gatherings.

Another alarming news reported by BNN was the arrest of a wedding house robbing gang. This gang would go around targeting wedding houses, planning wedding robberies, and stealing valuables and money. With such threats, one must maintain protective practices to avoid wedding robberies and thefts. 

Understanding the wedding robberies wave

While we discuss the onset of such incidents, it’s important to take a step back and assess why such events occur. It may be worth considering that the dire economic conditions of the country fuel criminals. Their discontentment with the economy may be responsible for their criminal actions. 

Preventing Wedding Robberies: A Comprehensive Approach

Don’t lose hope so soon; luckily, you can take a few approaches to help protect your wedding from robberies and theft. Here are some effective strategies to consider:

1. Security Guards for Wedding:

Professional security guards are the first line of defence against possible safety risks. Security guards are trained to deal with issues ranging from petty criminals to terrorism and even bomb threats. Therefore, they act as a line of defence against criminals. Guards are able to provide protection even when on route, so you can keep safe on the way to your wedding. As a lot of brides especially are held up at gunpoint for their jewels on the way to their wedding. 

2. Wedding Security Services:

Opt for wedding security services customised for the specific occasion of weddings. Such services include safeguarding the guests and covering all vulnerable entry points, providing safe transportation to the venue, and providing onsite protection at your home where the guests are staying or the valuables are stored. Moreover, you can even book a security guard-protected ride for the bride to arrive at the venue safely.

3. Event Security Planning:

Come up with a detailed and strategic security plan for the wedding. One that covers every aspect of the venue. Such measures include managing crowds, emergency response procedures, and working with the local police.

4. Crime Prevention Measures:

Conduct comprehensive background checks on event staff, find a proper storage area for gifts, and employ devices such as CCTV to monitor critical locations to prevent crimes.

The escalating risks surrounding wedding celebrations demand immediate and stringent actions to shield such an occasion from crimes such as robberies. The first step is understanding the dangers at hand and then putting specific measures and defences into place to secure this memorable day. 

FikrNat’s Event Protection Services: Your Trusted Ally

Such worrying episodes of wedding-related crimes pushed FikrNat to come up with wedding protective services for your aid. At FikrNat, we offer event protection services for celebratory events like weddings. Our highly trained guards ensure your wedding is secure by providing ultimate protection. With FikrNat’s comprehensive security services for weddings, the choice is easy. Hire FikrNat’s security guards today to safeguard your wedding day. Our services are not just limited to venue protection. Rather, we also offer route protection services for brides when arriving and departing the venue.

As weddings become targets of criminal activities, FikrNat emerges as a trusted partner, shouldering the responsibility of safeguarding your big day. Entrust your celebration to FikrNat, where security meets celebrations, and let your wedding day be celebrated without worries. 

In a world where there’s so much to do and so much to live for, the harsh realities sometimes make for a rather bleak experience. This is how some wedding celebration outcomes are fated due to the surging crime rates. But for every problem, there’s always a solution. And FikrNat is your solution to being able to enjoy and experience your wedding day with ease and to its fullest potential.


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